Grand Technologies for Grand Energy Challenges

I am working on a paper about energy challenges, mainly climate change and different approaches to deal with this challenge. From a systemic point of view to problem treatment approaches, I discuss why current policies including climate change mitigation policies such as carbon trading, consumption reduction, energy efficiency, carbon tax and so on can not be theoretically effective.

Further, I opened up a new discussion mainly adopted by the forthcoming book  by Ludger Hovestadt and Vera Buhlmann, Genius Planet – from scarcity to abundance: a radical rethink of our energy future.

I discuss why Solar based energy systems are different than other existing technologies and how they can abstract from the concept of energy from a rationalistic and industrial thinking paradigm.

Nevertheless, although I have an optimistic position, this paper is not about the classic disputes between the so called, Cornocopians and Malthusians.

If you have interest you can read the current version from here.

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